Pools / Spa information

Enjoy the lovely warmth of the spa, even when it’s freezing cold outside.

When staying at Rauhalahti, you can splash about in the water as much as you wish. Time will fly in the spa’s ten pools. Rauhalahti's spa is situated in the ground floor of Spa Hotel Rauhalahti and the entrance is through the hotel lobby.

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Fitness pool

This pool is length 25 m, depth 110-135 cm, water temperature 28ºC.

Multi-purpose pool: depth 90-120 cm, hydro massage points including a point for neck massage and 3 points for foot-sole and back massage, Jacuzzi, counter-current swimming, water temperature 32ºC.

Outdoor pool with swimming channels

Outdoor pool is depth 145 cm, water temperature 32ºC. Inside the pool area there also hot pool (depth 45 cm, water temperature 37ºC) and cold pool (depth 110 cm, water temperature 7ºC).

2 children’s pools

 There are two pools for little children. Their depth is 15-20 cm and 30 cm, water temperature 34ºC.


Water slide is  23 m, depth of the landing pool 50 cm, water temperature 28ºC.

2 Jacuzzis


Jacuzzis’ water temperature is 35ºC.


Finnish saunas for women and men, a steam sauna “Roman style”. For groups: sauna with a sauna lounge 

Licensed pool bar / café

In the spa there is ScanBurger hamburger/kebab –restaurant, pool bar and in the spa lobby there is Café / Shop.