Traditional Finnish Evenings

Come and enjoy real Finnish experiences in lumberjacks's style in 50's. Visit the "world's largest" smoke sauna, have a delicious traditional dinner with Kuopio specialities, enjoy live accordeon music and even dance.

"Traditional public Finnish evenings" are organised Tuesdays around the year and in summer also on Thursdays at Jätkänkämppä (jätkä = a lumberjack, kämppä = a lodge), which is an authentic lumberjack lodge from the 1950´s. The Jätkänkämppä is the pride of Rauhalahti and it is situated 600 metres from the Spa Hotel Rauhalahti. 

This event is selected as a top wellness product in Finpro’s Visit Finland Finrelax growth programme. See the bulletin here.
In addition, Jätkänkämppä's smoke sauna was picked by Culture Trip as on of their Finland Local Favorites 2017. Read the article, 10 of the best saunas in Finland.

Public Finnish Traditional evenings in Jätkänkämppä

Programme on Tuesdays 5.9.-19.12. 2017 (exl. not 5.12.2017 ) and 9.1.-29.5.2018
there will be tradional evening on Wednesday 27.12.2017

  • 16-22 Lumberjacks’ Lodge is open
  • 16-22 Smoke sauna is available - you can swim in the clean Kallavesi lake, in winter ice swimming
  • 16-20 Traditional Finnish Dinner buffet is served (until 14.11. game menu, 21.-28.11. and 12.-19.12. Finnish Christmas menu)
  • 17-21 Live accordion music

SUMMER: Programme on Tuesdays and Thursdays  5.6.-30.8.2018

  • 16-23  Lumberjacks’ Lodge is open
  • 16-22 Smoke sauna is available - you can swim in the clean Kallavesi lake
  • 16-20 Traditional Finnish Dinner buffet is served (robbers roast)
  • 17-21 Live accordion music
  • at 18 and 20 Lumberjack's live demonstration on water


  •  Traditional Dinner 23 € / adult, 11,50 € / child 4-14 yrs.
  •  Smoke sauna 14 € / adult, 7 € / child 4-14 yrs., for hotel guests 8 € / adult, 4 € / child 4-14 yrs
  •  Package rate: smoke sauna + dinner 35 € / adult and 17,50 € / child 4-14 yrs.
  • If you have a half-board package at the Spa Hotel and you want to have Jätkänkämppä's dinner buffet instead of the hotel buffet, you just pay extra 4 € / adult and 2 € / child 4-14 yrs.

Additional information:

  • Jätkänkämppä is a restaurant with some café products and alcohol drinks
  • Lumberjack heritage is cherished at Jätkänkämppä by preserving photos and tools that depict those bygone times. Read more about Jätkänkämppä's history here.
  • How to arrive in Jätkänkämppä? Read more here.
  • If you want to reserve Jätkänkämppä and/or smoke sauna for private use, read more here.