Moominvally in Midwinter

About 50 kms south from Rauhalahti, there will be Moominvalley in Midwinter in Vesileppis, which has a magical cave deep underground (descend 30 metres!). The world’s only ice sculpture cave is a real winter wonderland and this winter the magical journey to the Moominvalley in Midwinter is exhibited with the 16 beautiful Moomin ice sculptures! Besides the magic of the Tove Jansson’s story, also the brilliant lights and stunning soundscapes will bring the 1,5– 6-meter tall Moomin ice sculptures to life. There’s not only the Moomin ice sculpture exhibition but also lots of other wintry fun. This winter the sculptures are carved by the team Jäälinnan mestariveistäjät, including Wold Champion Lkhavgadori ”George” Dorjsuren and Finnish Champion Anssi Kuosa.

Moominvalley opens 26.12.2018, the exact timetables and rates will be informed later.

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