How to arrive in Jätkänkämppä

Jätkänkämppä is easy to reach

Local bus

You can reach Spa Hotel Rauhalahti and Jätkänkämppä by local bus from the market place (in the city centre of Kuopio). The bus stop for the bus number 7 is near the market place, the name of the street is Tulliportinkatu and the name of the bus stop is Tullinkulma. Check the timetables above. The bus ticket costs 3,30 € / adult and 1,70 € /child 7 - 16 yrs old.

Jätkänkämppä is 600 metres from the Rauhalahti bus stop (in the yard of Spa Hotel Rauhalahti). Jätkänkämppä is in the end of the peninsula, behnd the spa hotel. The road to Jätkänkämppä leaves from the right corner of the hotel building. Please, leave the cars to the hotel's parking place!

Here you find the timetables: Kuopio - Rauhalahti - Kuopio

In summer time by boat M/S Salmetar

Local cruises 23.6. – 8.8.2020 Mon – Sat, M/S Salmetar (the boat trip takes about 40 minutes)
Departure from Kuopio passanger harbour: 9.45, 12.30, 14.00, 16.00, 18.00
Departure from Spa Hotel Rauhalahti: 10.25, 13.10, 14.35, 16.35, 18.35

Prices to / from Rauhalahti:
Return ticket: 18 € / adult, 9 € / child
One way ticket: 9 € / adult, 4,50 € / child
No reservations needed.