What to see and do in Kuopio

There is many things to do and see in Kuopio. Kuopio Market Hall, famous market place and all old and totally new shopping centres are waiting for you.  One of the Musts in Kuopio is to visit Puijo Tower and admire the beautiful lake view, hike in the nature trails and take part in some activities (read more https://www.puijopeak.fi/en/frontpage/).  You can enjoy wonderful concerts in Kuopio Music Centre. Kuopio have wonderful museums  - also the famous and unique Orthodox Church Museum of Finland called RIISA. In summer time one must in Kuopio is to take a cruise on Lake Kallavesi, read more Koski-laiva Oy and Lakeland Lines Ltd You have also variety of activities to choose when visiting Kuopio and the city is lively with all kinds of events all around the year. Read more https://www.kuopiotahko.fi/en/home/

NOTE: The most beautiful Christmas Market in Finland (2021) was the market in Kuopio! Now this lovely event is going to happen 9.-20.12.2023. Read more here.

Check this city video!

Aktiviteten, Sports in Kuopio

Cross-country skiing in Kuopio (check also realtime track information)

Skating in Kuopio: skating rinks, synthetic skating rink in Lippumäki

Finland Ice Marathon - rink

Mountain bike tracks in Puijo

Puijo - For those staying in Rauhalahti, the benefits of the tower entrance are shown by showing a room card, ask more in the reception!

Kuopio Music Centre

Kuopio Symphony Orchestra

Kuopio Museums

Finnland’s Orthodox Kirche Museum RIISA

Kuopion Natur paths


Kuopio Video

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