Conference and meeting rooms

A successful conference is a refreshing event, providing a break from the office. The best results can be achieved by a suitable mix of business and pleasure. Rauhalahti offers excellent conference facilities as well as light-hearted activities and memorable evening entertainment. You will feel that you’ve had a real break, and when you return to your workplace, you will draw strength from the pleasant memories that you take back with you. Let us take care of all your conference arrangements.


Auditorium is possible even for 200 persons.

Spa Hotel Rauhalahti’s auditorium has 173 m² and it has 180 seats (with extra seats max. 200 persons.


Pihkova has totally 80 m².
There are seats max. for 40 persons


Minneapolis has 60 m² and there is seats for 30 persons.


Jönköping is the smallest meeting room having 22 m² and there are seats for eight persons (max. 10 persons).

Sauna lounge as a meeting room

Sauna lounge is situated in the connection of the spa. It is suitable for meetings and team work.  There are seats for 10-15 persons.

Restaurant Estradi as a meeting room

All restaurants of Spa Hotel Rauhalahti are availble for meetings and conferences. Estradi has 700 m² and there are seats max. 360 persons (without seats and tables there are room for 800 persons..

Restaurant Sofia C as a meeting room

Sofia C  has 170 m². and in the middle of the restaurant it is possible to have seats for 60 persons.

Club R as a meeting room

Club R has 190 m²and in the middle of the restaurant it is possible to have seats for 30 persons. Club R is suitable for shorter meetings and team work.

Jätkänkämppä as a meeting point

Jätkänkämppä is suitable for relaxer meetings. There are benches for 50 persons. All meals can be organized in Jätkänkämppä or the group can come and enjoy their meals in the hotel’s restaurants.

The room hire in Jätkänkämppä is 300 € / day, Sundays on request

  Classroom/Lecture Theatre U-table Rectangular table Restaurant
Auditorium 173 180-200          
Pihkova  80 40 20 30    
Minneapolis  60 30 15 20    
Jönköping  22     10    
Sauna Lounge  36     15    
Dancing Restaurant   650 320     220
Buffet Restaurant 170 80 40 40 120  
Lumberjack Lodge 232  232 50 20 30 150