Variety of activities

You can spend your time in active pursuits in Rauhalahti. Our wonderful surroundings for outdoor recreation as well as many indoor activities offer lots of options in all seasons from morning till evening. You can find some organised holiday activities, more information in the reception.

The attractions (like museums, Puijo Tower etc) of the city centre of Kuopio are also within easy reach. When summer comes, you have plenty of activies on water; swimming, fishing, canoeing, boating, SUP-boarding, cycling etc.

We recommand in Rauhalahti

- walking / hiking trips in Rauhalahti Resort (you can rent walking sticks in the reception). There is a beautiful nature park and a nature path 2.5 km in Rauhalahti. Look the resort map here.
- cycling (you can rent a bicycle in the hotel or FAT-bike in Rauhalahti Holiday Centre)
- frisbee golf
- ping-pong, ball games (you can have equipment free of charge)
- floor ball (you can rent the fitness hall for you floor ball tournament)
- minigolf & bowling in Rauhalahti Bowling Centre
- water exercises in the mornings (Mon-Fri)
- training in the gym
- organised traing hours, look more here
- relaxation in the spa and treatments
- dance and karaoke evenings, kids karaoke / disco in summer time every Tuesday and Thursdays
- in summertime the boat trip from Rauhalahti to city centre by the vessel M/S Salmetar, read more here

Rauhalahti Animal Park is a whole family holiday destination where you meet different kinds of animals and have the chance to pet them. Animal Park is fun for everyone! Rauhalahti Animal Park situates in Rauhalahti Holiday Centre, about about 850 metres from Spa Hotel Rauhalahti. It is short way to walk (light traffic road). By car the journey is 2 km. Read more here.