responsible tourism

Spa Hotel Rauhalahti has been awarded the Green Key environmental label and the Sustainable Travel Finland label.



Sustainability plan

The sustainability plan of the Spa Hotel Rauhalahti is updated at least every three years. The plan states that sustainable tourism is an important part of the hotel’s business operations and that both the company and its staff are committed to the promotion of sustainable tourism. We actively develop our practices and set new goals every year. One of the key values of our company is sustainable development which includes economic sustainability, corporate social responsibility, socio-cultural sustainability and ecological sustainability. Our company is committed to continuous development and uses economic resources in a way that promotes environmental and social sustainability and ensures long-term economic profitability of the business operations.

We observe the international, national and local agreements, laws and other regulations in all our operations relating to the environment, health, safety and workforce and respect the rights and norms of the local community. We respect all human beings and have a non-tolerance approach to all discrimination. We work to promote social sustainability in our local area for the benefit of both our staff and guests. We are committed to taking energy efficiency into account whenever it is possible considering economic, technical, safety and environmental factors. This includes the following areas, for example: procurement, implementation of new technology, transport, storage, adoption of renewable sources of energy and training of the staff.

The Spa Hotel Rauhalahti was awarded the international Green Key environmental accreditation that promotes sustainable tourism in 2022 and 2023.

Further information: Green Key Finland and Green Key International.

Kylpylähotelli Rauhalahti has also been granted the right to use the Sustainable Travel Finland label as proof of valuable and long-term work for sustainable tourism.

More information: Sustainable Travel Finland/Visit Finland



The Spa Hotel Rauhalahti is committed to energy efficiency. As responsible consumers of energy we are participating in the Finnish voluntary Energy Efficiency Agreement scheme and signed up for the Agreement for the period of 2017–2025. The intermediate target for energy saving is 381 MWh by 2020, and the total target by 2025 is 571 MWh.

LeaseGreen, the leading cleantech services company in Finland, planned and implemented an energy overhaul at the Spa Hotel Rauhalahti in March 2021. The new technology reduces the hotel’s carbon footprint and energy bill and also improves the indoor environmental conditions such as air quality, temperature and lighting. The energy overhaul reduces the hotel’s carbon footprint by 101,000 kg Co2 per year. The total savings in energy costs amount to approx. 740,000 euros.


Results from the period of April 2021 – August 2022:

Reduction in carbon dioxide emissions = 191,954 kg Co2, which is the equivalent of:

  • 1.371 million driven kilometres by an internal combustion engine car
  • 1871 installed solar panels
  • 1584 return flights from Helsinki to Stockholm
  • 7678 return ferry crossings from Helsinki to Tallinn
  • Annual emissions from 44 detached houses