Public traditional Finnish Evenings

Public Traditional Finnish Evenings

Come and enjoy real Finnish experiences in lumberjacks's style in 50's. Visit the "world's largest" smoke sauna, have a delicious traditional dinner with Kuopio specialities, enjoy live accordeon music and even dance. Traditional Finnish evenings are organised Tuesdays around the world (not on weeks 52, 53 and 1). During 29.12.-9.1.Jätkänkämppä serves as Santa Claus' Home.

Public Finnish Traditional evenings Tuesdays in Jätkänkämppä until 20.12.2016

Public Finnish Traditional evenings are organinised Tuesdays  in Jätkänkämppä (attention: there is no traditional evening on Tuesday 6.12. - instead of this it is organised on Wednesday 7.12.).

Programme on Tuesdays - in Christmas feelings!

  • 16-22 Lumberjacks’ Lodge is open
  • 16-20 Traditional Finnish Christmas Dinner buffet is served.
  • 16-23 Smoke sauna is available
  • 17-21 Live accordeon music


  • Smoke sauna visit  12 € / adult, 6 € / child 4-14 yrs old (includes one towel). For Rauhalahti's hotel guests 7 € / adult and 3,50 € / child
  • Dinner buffet 23 € / adult and 11,50 € / child 4-14 yrs old
  • Jätkänkämppä is a restaurant with some café products and alcohol drinks

Buffet menu:

Starter buffet
Herring in sherry sauce LF, GF
Baltic herring in mustard sauce LF, GF
Smoked salmon salad county style, dill-aioli LF, GF
Tomato and green salad
with Balsamico sauce LF, GF
Liver pate, rosemary-apples LF, GF
Fig and cheese salad LF, GF
Beetroot salad with cream sauce LF, GF
Forest mushroom salad LF, GF
Bread and butter
Drinks: water, non alcoholic home made ale

Main course
Christmas ham with dark ham sauce LF, GF
Dill potatoes LF, GF
Rutabaga casserolle LF, GF
Carrot casserolle LF, GF
Peas and plums

Cranberry-caramel curd LF, GF
Coffee, tea