Traditional Finnish Evenings

Traditional Finnish Evenings

Come and enjoy real Finnish experiences in lumberjacks's style in 50's. Visit the "world's largest" smoke sauna, have a delicious traditional dinner with Kuopio specialities, enjoy live accordeon music and even dance. Traditional Finnish evenings are not organized on weeks 52 and 1. During 29.12.-9.1.Jätkänkämppä serves as Santa Claus' Home.


Finnish traditional smoke sauna evenings on Tuesdays, spring 2014

Ask more tel. +358-30 608 30 (sales office).
Only groups need pre-reservation (dinner).

The Finnish traditional evenings are organised Tuesdays all around the year.

Programme on Tuesdays until 27.5.2014

  • 16-22 Lumberjacks’ Lodge is open
  • 16-20 Traditional Dinner buffet is served
  • 16-22 Smoke sauna is available
  • 17-21 Live accordeon music


Traditional Dinner buffet 21 € / adult, 10,50 e / child 4-14 yrs.

Smoke sauna 12 € / adult, 6 € / child 4-14 yrs.
Hotel guests 7 € / 3,50 €.

If you have a half-board package at the Spa Hotel Rauhalahti and you want to have Jätkänkämppä's dinner buffet instead of the hotel buffet, you just pay extra 4 € / adult and 2 € / child 4-14 yrs.

Menu: spring 2.4.-27.5.2014


Spiced herring
Baltic herring in tomato sauce
Cold smoked salmon with dill sauce
Game paté and lingonberry jam
Green salad assortment, house dressing
Marinated red cabbage salad
Roasted vegetables and blue cheese
Marinated mushrooms
Bacon and potato salad
Vendace pie with rye crust & Meat pie with rye crust
Bread and butter
Drinks: water, home made ale


Pork roast spiced with thymiam
Creamy pepper sauce
Honeyed and roasted root vegetables
Sliced potaoes
Children’s menu: Meatballs and mashed potatoes


Rhybarb kissel and whipped cream