NEW! Rauhalahti Animal Park in Summer

Rauhalahti Animal Park is a whole family holiday destination where you meet different kinds of animals and have the chance to pet them. Animal Park is fun for everyone! Rauhalahti Animal Park situates in Rauhalahti Holiday Centre, about about 850 metres from Spa Hotel Rauhalahti. It is short way to walk (light traffic road). By car the journey is 2 km, but we recommand to walk from the hotel because the parking place of the animal park is very small.

The animal park is open May-August, more info later.

Look the location of the Rauhalahti Animal  Park here.

We recommand also to visit another animal park in Vehmasmäki, look the location here. It is about 16 km south from Rauhalahti.

Group reservations:  tel. +358 050 582 6531.


Kuopio Animal Park Rauhalahti

Rauhankatu 3, 70700 KUOPIO
tel. +358 50 532 7151

Route map: click here