Traditional Finnish Evenings

Traditional Finnish Evenings

Come and enjoy real Finnish experiences in lumberjacks's style in 50's. Visit the "world's largest" smoke sauna, have a delicious traditional dinner with Kuopio specialities, enjoy live accordeon music and even dance. Traditional Finnish evenings are not organized on weeks 52 and 1. During 29.12.-9.1.Jätkänkämppä serves as Santa Claus' Home.


Traditional Finnish evenings, summer 2014

How to arrive in Jätkänkämppä?

Look here how to come (by boat or bus)


The Finnish traditional evenings are organised Tuesdays  around the year and 5.6.-28.8.2014 also Thursdays.

Programme on Tuesdays 3.6.-26.8. and Thursdays 5.6.-28.8.2014 (not 21.8.)

  • 16-23 Lumberjacks’ Lodge is open
  • 16-20 Traditional Dinner buffet is served
  • 16-23 Smoke sauna is available
  • 17-21 Live accordeon music
  • lumberjack's demontration 18 and 20 pm


Traditional Dinner 21 € / adult, 10,50 e / child 4-14 yrs.

Smoke sauna 12 € / adult, 6 € / child 4-14 yrs.
Hotel guests 7 € / 3,50 €.

If you have a half-board package at the Spa Hotel Rauhalahti and you want to have Jätkänkämppä's dinner buffet instead of the hotel buffet, you just pay extra 4 € / adult and 2 € / child 4-14 yrs.

Traditional buffet menu

* Herring on summer onion bed
* Baltic herring in juniper berry sauce
* Lightly smoked salmon with dill mayonnaise
* Green salad
* Tomato and home cheese salad, nut vinaigrette
* Pickled vegetables
* Melon salad
* Potato and caper salad
* Aspic, lingonberry jam
* Perch pie with rye crust and swede pie with rye crust

Bread and butter

Drinks: water, home made ale

Main course
* Tuesdays: Robbers' roast (beef), thyme and red wine sauce  and dark beer sauce, root vegetables simmered in oven,  baked potato with fresh herb filling

*Tuesdays: Robbers' roast (pork), dark beer sauce, root vegetables simmered in oven,  baked potato with fresh herb filling

* Children's menu: Meat skewers and mashed potatoes

* Tuesdays: Gooseberry-strawberry kissel with whipped cream
* Thursdays: Rose hip quark